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    Hello, Mountain Folk!

    Covid-19 may have ruined most things this year, but we won’t let it take our beloved Tennis Tournament!

    Please send me an email ([email protected]) if you would like to play this year and see below for details.

    We’re really hoping to have all mixed teams this year, so we’d ideally like everyone to enter as a mixed doubles pairing. If you have trouble finding an entrance partner of the opposite gender, let me know and I can try to find someone to balance everything out. We will be mixing up these pairings to balance out the teams, but are really looking to have an even number of men and women.

    If you would like to play with a specific partner (for whatever reason – wanting to stay within your family/Camp due to Covid concerns, wanting to pair with a younger family member, sick of your spouse due to quarantine and refuse to play with them etc.) just let us know and we will accommodate!

    In your email, please include names (equal amounts of men and women), ages, and ratings (A, B, or C +/-) and any other pertinent info we may not know already (e.g. “I am a professionally ranked tennis player,” “I got my hip replaced this year!” or “I took the Covid school closure as an opportunity to work on my tennis game and have been taking lessons for 8 hours a day since March 16th,”)

    Our goal is to have all sign-ups in by Monday August 31st so we have some time to organize and post on the earlier side Friday on the bulletin board and via this email chain, the mtn website, and facebook.

    Thanks to all in advance and we look forward to a great mountain weekend, even if it is from 6′ apart!!

    Love and Tennis,

    Tobey, Chris, and Ethan

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