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    If you are visiting Mount Riga during the off-season, we ask that you KEEP ALL GATES SECURELY LOCKED. While opening and closing the gate(s) might be inconvenient we ask that everyone commit to this level of vigilance. Particularly now, with the identification of hydrilla in other local lakes, we aim to minimize traffic by keeping gates closed during the off-season.

    REMINDER: off-mountain water craft are prohibited. This includes kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, flotation devices, life preservers and rafts. NO off-mountain fishing gear or tackle are to be used in any lake or stream on Mount Riga property. NO live bait should be used as it may have come from infested water. If in doubt, do not put it in the water!

    Hydrilla is an extremely noxious weed that grows quickly and creates dense patches that displace native plants, impact fish and wildlife habitat and interfere with recreational use of the water it infests. Once a body of water has been exposed to hydrilla it is difficult and costly to eradicate it. The Board is finalizing a policy on how best to mitigate the risk of hydrilla and other invasive species; it will be shared with the community before the start of the 2024 summer season.

    As always, Danny is patrolling, but he cannot be everywhere so we ask each and every mountain resident to help us in our effort to protect our lakes.

    We appreciate you cooperation.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Ana Chrysler

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