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    Mariah Morgan

    A major contributor to the success of MRI’s Finance function has been the composition of the Finance Committee, which includes the last three Treasurers, experience in finance, investments, real estate, law, and accounting, and a wealth of institutional memory.

    However, the Finance Committee needs to add younger members to ensure that the Board and Shareholders are benefiting from the freshest ideas and perspectives and can continue its service to Mount Riga indefinitely.

    We are looking for new members who are financially literate, open-minded, and willing to devote a modest amount of time to the continuing financial success of Mount Riga. In-depth expertise in an area of finance is not necessary.

    We value face-to-face meetings where we can interact on weighty issues in a more free-wheeling manner than is possible on conference calls or e-mail, but I believe we will need to make greater use of conference calls and e-mails, and possibly additional subcommittees, to address in a timely manner the agenda I have been discussing with Anne and Tom. These vehicles may also be more convenient to younger members.

    If you might be interested in joining the Finance Committee, please contact me so we can discuss your interest and any questions you may have. (Committee members do not need to be Directors or Shareholders; they are appointed by the President after consultation with the committee chair.)

    Whether of not you are interested yourself, please pass this on to anyone who you think would be a suitable member or give me the person’s name and I will call him or her.

    Jim Dresser

    Chair, Finance Committee


    [email protected]

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