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    Tom Vail

    Do any Mtn camps/families have stories, documents or photos of how flu in 1918/1919 changed the usage of their camps? or impacted their families? Were families leaving the cities and spending more time in the country, e.g?
    Does anyone know if Mt Riga cemetery has gravestones/headstones w 1918/1919 dates?


    This is a list of the Mt Riga graves, I don’t see any with the 1918/19 time frame

    Alice Combes

    I’ve never heard of it, and I remember once your mother saying that…. but remember in those days the three of them lived up there all summer with Alice, and grandfather got off the train from NYC somewhere past Millerton and HIKED back up to the top of the mtn!!!! I don’t know if he wore any kind of facial protection, probably not because I’m pretty sure they weren’t yet aware of little microbes and bugs and etc….. remember the three kids were very much kids at that time, maybe Carrie was a teenager, my father was an awkward pre-teen, and then Alice was still a kid……they were up there all summer, and played with the folks from the Upper Lake and the Wells….. 

    Martha McCabe

    Good questions, Tom–indeed they’re questions I now wish I’d thought to ask my parents who lived through 1918/19 as young people. Father said nothing about the flu’s Riga impacts, only that while he was at Taft, several classmates died of the flu, which obviously moved him judging by how he spoke of it. Beth McCabe Keith mentioned that our collateral ancestor Uncle Vin–Vincent Valens McCabe, MD–served as a military Medical Officer attending US troops during the pandemic who were staging in the US Midwest before shipping out to join the WWI war effort.

    Anne Williams

    Great questions!
    see Cemetery dates: http://www.hale-collection.com/litchfield-county-cemeteries/618-4-mt-riga-cemetery.htm
    Alice Combes’s (Alice III) and my grandmother Alice C. Schwab (Alice I) kept a mt diary 1908-1940. No mention of the flu. No change in # of visiting friends (lots) or types of activities (work, fish, hike); they skipped the 1918 fall hunting trip b/c of being pregnant with Alice II (Aunt Alice Mix of Sharon, CT).

    DeLoss Blackburn

    The 1918/19 epidemic was caused by a “seasonal ” flu, ie a winter flu like most strains so would have been mostly over by summer. 

    Alice Combes

    This was sent to me by Mary dePasquale and she asked me to send it to everyone….. lets see if this works!

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