Hunting Permits

April 8, 2019

Hunting Form

  • Names of all landowners listed on deed:

    Mount Riga, Incorporated

    Location of property:

    Salisbury, CT. 3500 Acres.

    Hunting permitted:


    Hunting implements authorized:

    Centerfire rifle (deer only)

  • Hunter's Information

    All form fields are required.

  • I know and understand the boundaries of the above listed properties, and that this form is valid only during the calendar year for which it was signed by the landowner. I also understand that any person making a written false statement on this form shall be subject to arrest as provided for in Section 53A-157 of 1975 Rev. of C.G.S.


    Welcome to the Deer Hunting Season. Below are the rules and requirements for hunting on Mount Riga, Inc. property. Hunters must have a Private Land Consent Form signed by Mount Riga, Inc. (MRI). THIS MUST BE CARRIED WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

    1. Hunters must follow the State of CT’s rules and regulations regarding hunting. They can be found at

    2. All hunters must check-in with Daniel Brazee, Ranger, prior to hunting.

    3. Only centerfire rifles are authorized.

    4. Only deer hunting authorized and only one deer per hunter is permitted. Please note that this deer can be of either sex.

    5. No permanent hunting blinds or stands are permitted.

    6. No baiting is allowed.

    7. Hunters are not permitted to enter the restricted area specified by Mount Riga Inc on the attached map, or as described by Dan Brazee.

    8. No overnight camping is permitted.

    9. No littering or disposal of waste. Please keep the Mountain beautiful.

    10. Hunters are not permitted to bring boats or flotation devices.

    11. Under no circumstances are all-terrain vehicles or dirt bikes to be used anywhere on Mount Riga Inc. property.

    12. Disorderly and unlawful conduct will not be tolerated. The state police will be informed and MRI reserves the right to permanently deny access to any person.

    13. All those found on the property of Mount Riga Incorporated, without express written permission will be considered trespassers, and in violation of Connecticut General Statues 53a-109 (Criminal Trespass, third degree). Offenders will be prosecuted and any vehicle found parked illegally may be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

    Under no circumstances are all-terrain vehicles or dirt bikes to be used anywhere on MRI property.

    13. Use our property at your own risk. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property or vehicles.

    14. Any abuse or violation of these guidelines may result in the withdrawal of privileges.

    Dan Brazee and the security staff have the full authority to enforce these guidelines for Mount Riga, Inc. and will call the State Police if necessary.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 860-435-0771 or our park ranger, Dan Brazee, on his cell# 860-338-4061.

    Ana Maria Chrysler, President

    Mount Riga Incorporated