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Roger Williams

Jess, it could be something as simple as a slightly loose
fitting. You can test the system (once you have even temporary gas
giving pressure) using a soapy water solution. Pour some on each
joint you can find,all the way from the tank fitting, wait 30
seconds while looking for slight bubbles forming. If you see this,
tighten that fitting a bit. It probably won’t take much. Of
course, to do it right you want to track each line from tank to
fixture. And often with gas fitting you need two adjustable
wrenches, to hold opposing sides of the joint to tighten without
torquing the line itself.

If it has never happened before, think back to anything that has
changed and look there first. But with cooling and warming, gas
fittings that were barely tight enough before could start to leak.

If the line has been crimped or bent hard anywhere, check there,
too. Whatever caused that crimp my have work-hardened the copper
tube and a crack might have formed.


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