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Ethan Gee

Hi All,
Good points made, questions raised, history brought to light. I did not post this in order to get into a debate. Merely to clarify that I was not acting alone in making the nominations. The concept of family seats, rotations, and open seats are exactly what need to be debated by the Board and in partnerhsip with shareholders. As many of us are aware, there is no nomination process provided by the by-laws. One view is that once the Warner seat was offered to a non-Warner, that seat became an open seat and could be filled by shareholder vote from qualified candidates presented via an open nomination process. There are certainly other views.

I will also highlight that while all may not support specific nominees, anyone may freely nominate another qualified nominee at any time. For the first time ever, a shareholder from a family outide the Warner, Wells, McCabe and Schwabs has been nominated. There has been a lot of discussion over many years and Board meetings about this being a goal and good for the Corporation. May this be the first of many.

And, yes, Virginia, Hillary is doing a fantastic job. Anyone on the Board will tell you that. 🙂


Ethan Gee