Director Nomination Info

August 24, 2021

We expect the 2021 AGM Packet, including your proxy will be sent out on September 3, 2021. You will see some changes in the proxy for the 2021 AGM; most particularly in the nomination and election process for Directors. As you know, there is increased interest from shareholders to be involved in the director nominations. In Connecticut, any stockholder may nominate a qualified candidate for director.

As a stockholder, you may nominate any other shareholder in advance by emailing [email protected], entering a write-in name on the proxy, or from the “floor” of the annual meeting. We strongly recommend nominations be submitted no later than August 25, 2021 to be included on the proxy.

It is the Corporate Secretary’s responsibility to ensure that nominees are qualified, that is according to the By-Laws of the Mount Riga Inc., (1) a stockholder; and (2) a party to a Shareholder Restriction Agreement. The Officers are committed to making sure that the process MRI follows is conforms to legal requirements, respects confidentiality, is as transparent and simple as possible, and that our upcoming AGM is conducted legally and with dignity, producing results that are trusted by all shareholders.